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The Striker

The Striker

Behind the Scenes- Bree & Wagners TikToks

Behind the Scenes- Bree & Wagner’s TikToks

Josslynn Travis, Author January 31, 2022

The feeling of growing up in a small town and going viral on a popular social media platform can be unforgettable. Bree Buswell, 11, and Mr. Wagner went viral on the very popular app, TikTok on January...

Students Thoughts on Physical Education During Sports

Students’ Thoughts on Physical Education During Sports

Josslynn Travis, Author December 6, 2021

How do students feel about doing P.E. and weight and speed while doing sports? A lot of students are feeling that they are being forced and overworked when they have to do P.E. while also playing a sport....

Big Obsessions

Big Obsessions

Josslynn Travis, Author October 29, 2021

Has anyone ever wondered what the “new obsessions” are? There are many different things that people enjoy doing. Some people have little, temporary obsessions, and some have huge, life-long obsessions....

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