Spider-Man: Is it worth it?


Ethan Rainsbarger, Author

The lights dim and the screen slowly comes to life. A silent hush runs over the crowd as their attention moves to the massive display in front of them. The room that was once filled with the light chatter of small conversation is now silent as the crowd waits in suspense for one of the greatest experiences of their lives to start. 

One of the biggest movies of all time to come out recently was Spider-Man: No Way Home. Mobs of people charged the theater to watch it after being teased for months on end about its release. It absolutely smashed the box office with the amount of money it raked in the opening weekend. There is no doubt it is most likely the biggest movie of the year 2021. It was stuffed with fan service along with loads of action, and that action would not have been possible without the use of computer-generated imagery (CGI). Sometimes CGI is the thing that makes or breaks a movie. 

When asked about his viewing of the movie and the CGI used, Tanner Scroggins, 12, said, “I thought it was noticeable at times. Especially on the characters not so much the other aspects.” Then when Tanner Scroggins was asked whether or not it affected the experience he stated, “I don’t think it affected it at all. I really thought the plot was developed enough to where it surpassed its shortcomings in the CGI.” Even though the CGI seemed to have been noticed it didn’t break the immersion and the grandeur of watching the movie for Tanner Scroggins. He definitely thought the CGI had some shortcomings though but thought the plot was strong enough to make up for the times where the CGI fell short. CGI did not break the joy of going out and seeing the movie. This cannot be said the same for others though. 

When asked about whether the CGI affected his experience, Kolton Hill, 11, had a different response and said, “It annoyed me a little bit with the parts where you could tell it was fake but it didn’t ruin the movie.” The movie was still great even though it got annoying at parts where CGI was blatantly being used. This could be a sign for Marvel to cut back on some of the CGI and to start being a little practical with their effects as well. Then there are the people who went to see the movie and saw no problems with the CGI at all.

Carson Scroggins, 11, also had something to say about CGI and how it was used. He said, “You could definitely tell when it was being used, but I thought the use of it was amazing. It did not really affect my experience and it actually helped with immersion.” For some Marvel fans, it seems they actually liked the use of CGI even if they could tell when it was being used. If CGI makes or breaks a movie, it seems that Marvel was able to make a movie that hit home (no pun intended).

Marvel has been able to make some great movies, there is no doubt about that. Over the years CGI has become more prominent in recent years. It has been an issue in some of their movies like the fight scene in Black Panther that caught some hate for the horrible CGI used in the final battle between T’Challa and Killmonger. It seems that this movie was able to surpass the places it fell with CGI with a good plot and great immersion along with some great fan service.