Morning Routines at Baxter

Morning Routines at Baxter

Kelcie Shedd, Author

What does having a morning routine mean to you? Do you wake up with the sun to get ready or do you get all the sleep you possibly can before school? Your morning routine can be a crucial part that can make or break your day. Everyone has a different and unique routine that helps them prepare for the day.

When we think of morning routines, we think of the same list of steps building up to getting to school. If those actions change, it could mess everything up. “I try to follow the same routine every morning because I hate getting out of rhythm,” says Paige Ewing, 11. “If I do get off track then it takes forever to get back on track.” Having a certain routine in the morning tends to help us work on time management and have a more effective day. Morning routines vary, on the person and everything they have to accomplish before they leave for school or work

When a few students were asked if they would rather sleep in or wake up early, they all seemed to have the same answer. Lydia Pierce, 10, responded with “Sleep in 100%.” For many of us high school students, sleep is something we value greatly. We may not want to go to bed earlier, but we have habits of sleeping in in the mornings. “I will sleep whenever I can. On the weekends I try to sleep in until at least 10 if possible. In the summer, when I can, I like to sleep until noon,” Ewing, 11, says. “I believe noon is the best time to wake up because you still have the entire afternoon and night.” I’ve heard from a bunch of students that they feel more productive at night than in the mornings. That is another reason why they prefer to sleep in and go to bed later.

Picking out our clothes and getting dressed is one very important key to a morning routine. There are many factors we all take into consideration when we choose our outfits in the mornings.“Every morning I have to check the weather so I know how cold or hot it’s gonna be outside.” says Blake Hopkins, 12. The weather isn’t that important to some people, but for a select few, it affects the outfits they wear. For the longest time, I never checked the weather, but now it is something that I also do almost every morning so I don’t freeze or sweat to death. Something else students do to help them in the mornings is set out their clothes the night before. “I set all my clothes and shoes out the night before, so the morning goes quicker.” says Ewing, 11. A lot of times, we wake up too late, or we just can’t decide what to wear when we wake up  right away, so it makes sense for us to set out outfits the night before.

When students were asked to describe their morning routines, they consisted of doing very different things. However, there are a couple of things all of them included in their routines. One thing they all said was that they brush their teeth, because who wouldn’t brush their teeth in the morning? Not a lot of students will eat breakfast in the morning either, but a couple of students said that they grabbed breakfast or breakfast-like food. No matter who the person is, we tend to have very similar steps in our morning routines. They are how we prepare to be adults, getting ready how we like and doing it in a timely manner.