Behind the Scenes- Bree & Wagner’s TikToks


Josslynn Travis, Author

The feeling of growing up in a small town and going viral on a popular social media platform can be unforgettable. Bree Buswell, 11, and Mr. Wagner went viral on the very popular app, TikTok on January 19, 2021. They started off with just a simple video about Wagner throughout the class period that blew up within days of being posted. Now the two have a following of 62.8 thousand followers and 6.2 million views. Little did they know that they would have gained over 50 thousand followers on their social media from just one sixty-second video. 

Buswell and Wagner have always enjoyed making videos and TikToks beforehand. But, Buswell explains what inspired her to start making TikToks with Wagner. “I always enjoy doing TikToks and being creative, so one day I decided to ask Wagner to make one. After making a couple we just kept getting more and more likes and views on our videos, so we started making more.” -Buswell 11. Buswell sort of explains her journey to getting famous on TikTok, and how it went for her. Wagner explains how he has loved making videos ever since he was younger. “Ever since I was 12, I enjoyed making videos. So when Bree asked me to make videos with her on TikTok I jumped on the opportunity to make videos.” -Wagner. Wagner explains how Buswell was the one that really started it all. Buswell came up with the idea to start making TikToks and posting them. The two both enjoy making TikToks and putting together fun and exciting videos for others to watch.

The two never really knew that their videos would go viral as they did. They hadn’t thought that it was even possible for their videos to blow up, considering the very small town that they live in. Buswell explains that she doesn’t really care about how many likes and views she gets, but she does find it very cool that it happened. “It is fun whether I get views or not. I don’t really focus on the likes and views though. I mainly focus on making the memories.” -Buswell, 11. Buswell felt that even though it is cool to get the likes, the main reason she started it all was because she wanted to make memories. Wagner on the other hand felt that random TikToks blew up all the time for no reason, so it didn’t really phase him that his videos blew up too. “Videos on TikTok go viral all the time for no reason, so when mine blew up I didn’t really think anything of it.” -Wagner. Wagner didn’t really care that his account blew up because TikToks blow up all the time. No one had expected these videos to get big as they did.

The steps to coming up with the videos are very simple. The two do not even really have certain steps that they follow when they make them. Buswell’s way of going about it is just being relatable. “I just think about things that could be easily relatable. Or I’ll look for popular dances and add my own twist to it.” -Buswell, 11. Buswell doesn’t have a specific way that she prepares to post. She just tries to find things that people could easily relate to or find interesting. Wagner has a similar approach when it comes to preparing for a video. “I will scroll through TikTok and if I see a sound that could be something school-related or interesting, then I will save it. Bree will come up with TikToks too, but mainly I will just find something that draws my attention.” -Wagner. Basically, Wagner just tries to look for school-related things that could be interesting and relatable for students and other people on TikTok. So, their steps are pretty simple, but they made the two become very popular.

Neither Buswell nor Wagner expected their account to go viral. They mainly just wanted to start their account for fun, but after a while, it started getting a bigger and bigger following. Buswell explains that she had no idea that it would go as viral as it did. “I did not expect it all. I mainly just made it for fun, but after it blew up as it did, I and Wagner kept on posting.” -Buswell, 11. Buswell says that she had not expected her account to blow up at all. She just had fun making TikToks for herself to look back on. Wagner had also not expected it at all either. He thought that since this school is such a small school, nothing would really happen. “I did not expect it at all. I guess it was just like every other creator and how they never expect it. Especially since we are such a small school, I didn’t expect it to go as viral as it did.” -Wagner. Wagner explains that since Baxter is such a small school, he thought that nothing would happen with his TikToks. He also had no expectations for the videos to get big.

In the wise words of Mr. Wagner: “Follow me at @KingColbyCheese!”. Or follow Bree Buswell and Wagner on their shared page “CheeesyBreeezy” to see the videos that made these two go viral on the very popular app TikTok!