Advice: For People Who May Think About Giving Up


Abby McReynolds, Author

It is the first week of basketball practice. Earlier that week the coach mentioned that they would be announcing the varsity and junior varsity teams at the end of the week. The excitement of getting the varsity spot, others got the spot that says they weren’t even working for it. Having tears and doubts it’s tough to make the decision whether to quit or not. Coaches can make sports or activities hard for young adults. From middle school to college, there are coaches who can start to pick favorites throughout the season of a sport. Even kids who put lots of effort and time into a sport they love could be ruined with one person who doesn’t watch or spend time with them to get the spot they want. There’s a lot of thought that goes into wanting to give up and thinking someone can push through something they love that can be very hard on a person’s mental health. 

Sports can end up being very hard for young adult’s overtime. Parents who see their children succeeding in a sport at a young age can end up having parents put them in AAU or another outside-of-school sport. Things that can help a child or young adult become better. Sometime’s once they reach a certain age group of sports the coaches may not be the nicest or they may just know some participants well enough to know who they want to focus on. It might not give the players who truly want a good spot or just to be seen by the coach a chance. Anyone who’s felt this way may know what I’m talking about. 

People go through constant doubt they may not be good enough to be seen by their coach or just no matter how much effort was put into the sport they still just aren’t good or skilled to play. The player may want to give up and not want to try that sport anymore. This could not only ruin a love for a sport but also a senior year or even years before to where they just don’t go out for the sport anymore. 

Things that have helped me fix my mindset to no longer feel this way are to talk to someone. You may think that you sound dumb, but you don’t. Someone will understand you completely and want to talk to you about it. Another thing is if you may trust an assistant coach to talk to them. They may see what is going on or may understand what you see. This may not always apply to every team, but sometimes you have to reach out to a coach to find out. These were some little steps that helped me. It takes time to heal mentally with things like this. I know that I have stuck with it and even if it still doesn’t end well at least I know I can push through things that can truly hurt me.