2021 Spotify Wrapped with Baxter

2021 Spotify Wrapped with Baxter

Abby McReynolds, Author

It’s finally time to see everyone’s 2021 Wrapped Playlist of Spotify. In 2015 Spotify created a year Wrapped Playlist for Spotify users. It gives them a chance to see what their top songs and artists were during the entire year. They have continued to do this for a few years now. I have asked four students who use Spotify what their 2021 Wrapped Playlist is. I asked four questions to each student. Each of my questions was: 1. What does listening to music do for you? (Get hyped, feel emotion, etc. ) 2. How many minutes have you listened to music this year? 3. What does your top artist make you feel when hearing their music? 4. How many times did you listen to your top song? (look on the fourth page) Why did you listen to it so much?

The first student I interviewed was Lilie Vansice, 12. Lilie’s first response was, ”I always listen to music when I’m trying to get motivated to do something or in the car to get hype for a game or practice.” She is a four season athlete and puts in lots of effort to improve and be better every day. She has listened to music for 18,305 minutes this year getting ready to take the court or field. Her top artist is Justin Beiber, “I have always been a fan so listening to his throwbacks brings back a lot of memories from growing up and going to his concerts. His music is fun to rap and yell in the car with lots of friends.” She’s totally right about this! I’ve also experienced one of his concerts. Beiber is super fun to listen to! Along with listening to pop, Vansice loves to listen to country. Her song is “Chasing After You” by Ryan Hurd and Maren Morris. Her goal is to listen to this once a day and Spotify claims she has heard it over 138 times! She wants to continue to listen to it because, “I just like it too much.” Once again she’s right! This song is very good as a male and female duet. 

Carson Scroggins, 11, was the next student I interviewed. He turns up his radio bright and early in the morning to get him ready for school. Listening to music can be a great way to wake up and get ready for the day. He has listened to 14,950 minutes of music this year. When he listens to his top artist, Yung Gravy, it starts to put him in a good mood. He has listened to his top song “Love Sosa” by Chief Keef over 101 times this year. It has a good beat and rhythm. This song gets him hyped for games. Use quote instead of just saying his answers

I interviewed Morgan Ratliff, 10, next. She enjoys listening to music to hear the lyrics to find her own meaning in the song. She has  28,038 minutes this year. Going back to her listen to the lyrics, “Taylor Swift was my top artist for this year. Her music perfectly encapsulates feelings that I could never describe.” Taylor Swift has been a good artist for many years and writes about her breakups a lot. Even if someone hasn’t gone through a breakup, they are easy to relate to in different ways. She has listened to her top song 60 times this year. 

My last interview was with Adison Bonney, 9. She likes to feel emotion while she listens to music, “Ranging from getting hyped for games to something to fall asleep to.”  Listening to different genres of music is good for different uses. Adison had the most listened to minutes of 43,262. As she states here, “I have listened to more than 90% of the US.” Which is crazy, but in a good way! This really shows how much she loves music and how it can show emotions. She listens to her top artists because it makes her happy. As well as her top song 62 times. 

Getting to see everyone’s different artists and genres of music is exciting. It can be a good way to really get to know someone as well. Listening can be a good way to let go of everything else.