Unseen Athletes


Abbie Meyer, Author

Baxter school has had many athletic successes, if this means individuals or as a team. In general, there have been many great things that have been noticed to point out the hard working athletes and coaches. For some people, they crave that recognition, but for others it’s all about the experience. There are many athletes at Baxter school that do not get recognized and they do just as much or even more. This doesn’t have to mean they have to have the same amount of skills as the MVP on the team, it means they show up ready to work and keep showing up. 

There are always going to be schools with athletic and skilled players, but not every school will have someone that is there to support, try their hardest, and play only because they know they’re helping with numbers. These less-known players might not be playing as many minutes, nor are they participating in a level of comparison to the starters. 

One of the senior captains on the boys basketball team said, “The guys that show up to work to get better are the ones that become really good players in their future years. They can have all the skill in the world, but if they don’t show up ready to work and push others, then they are seen as to have less potential than the ones that work hard and grind.” This shows how much leadership that team has because of how much they care about each other’s work. Baxter Bolts basketball team has had many successful seasons, but they are not focused on having the same successful season, they’re most focused on having a hard working group of boys that push one another. 

Sports programs can feel like they can be rigged with the coaches playing favorites, but it only really matters on how much work you put into it and how you express your emotions on the outside. There can be many issues with high school sports because of this reason. Drama can cause players to have tension, social media can affect the way people talk about one another, and not being there to play as a team can affect many. This is why it really shows what type of person someone is by how they react to certain situations, and what they prioritize. 

With all the competitiveness and experience players might have, that might not be enough. Some coaches might ask for one thing and another coach will ask for another, that is why it is so important to be coachable and to have a mind-set of improving everyday. It’s hard to keep giving people credit on what they did well if they don’t congratulate themselves or others around them. Being the person that is always there to work hard no matter how bad their day was, or the ones who only went out for the sport to help their team with numbers are truly the ones that should be recognized.