Students’ Thoughts on Physical Education During Sports


Josslynn Travis, Author

How do students feel about doing P.E. and weight and speed while doing sports? A lot of students are feeling that they are being forced and overworked when they have to do P.E. while also playing a sport. Even if it wasn’t required to do P.E. while in a sport, students would still be getting the daily exercise that they need. Doing both can be a lot for one student, especially if they are doing other sports outside of school. The students that are not involved in sports will still be able to do P.E. and weight and speed but will have the option not to if they are currently in a sport.

Lydia Pierce, 10, agrees that playing sports, plus doing P.E. and weight and speed, is a lot to do every single day. Pierce says, “The feeling of being forced into physical activity makes me have no motivation in the class. After a whole day of schooling and P.E., I am drained of energy by the time I have to go to practice. It mentally and physically wears me down. There are other classes that are more important than P.E. that I could fit into my schedule, but having that period taken by PE is hard to take specific classes” Pierce shares that she thinks doing both is a lot to handle for students. She believes that it shouldn’t be required to do physical education if you are already involved in a sport. Adison Bonney, 9, says, “Weight and speed is fine, but I just think that if we are involved in 2+ sports that it shouldn’t be required. When we could be doing something more educating, like taking an extra class. At the end of the day it doesn’t help with being sore, but that just comes with being in sports.” She believes that if you play more than 2 sports, then you should not have to worry about doing physical education. Jake Travis, 11, also agrees that it should not be required to do both, physical education and a sport at the same time. “I think that if you’re not in a sport you should be required to do some type of exercise during school because it is a good way to stay healthy and in shape. I don’t think you should be required to do anything when you are in a sport because you are exercising in the sport.” Travis explains that if you are not doing a sport, then students should be required to do either P.E. or weight and speed, but if you are participating in sports, then students shouldn’t have to. Jaci McMinamen, 9, is someone who is not involved in a lot of sports. Even though she is not involved in a lot of sports, she still thinks that students do not need to be doing any sort of physical education if they are playing any sports. “I feel like you shouldn’t have to do both at the same time because you will still be getting your exercise and that would take away energy and focus from your actual sport.

Most of the students at Baxter agree that doing physical education should not be required if you are playing sports. Everyone agrees that it is important to get your daily dose of exercise in, but schools should not keep overworking students. Exercising can help improve mental health and increase confidence. If a student is constantly being overworked and feels forced to give more than they can, then it is not helping them at all. Letting them have an option of doing sports or physical education will have a much bigger impact on their mental health and playing ability.