No New Teachers

No New Teachers

Kelcie Shedd, Author

Over the past few years, we’ve had many new faces among the familiar ones. Many of the new faces belonged to teachers. However, this year there haven’t been as many new faces in the building. This year, for the first time in a while, we have no new teachers at Baxter. 

Teachers are some of the most important adults that we will encounter in our lives. Having a good relationship with your teacher will make your high school experience easier and more enjoyable. Having a good relationship with students is also something the teachers want to accomplish. “One of the reasons I came to a smaller school was to see if having a good relationship with students would help in the classroom,” says Mr. Wagner, the high school math teacher. “And it has. People are very interested and concerned about mine and each other’s lives, and that makes me feel important.” It also helps to have a good relationship with newer teachers because it makes them feel more welcome, and hopefully they will stay and teach for a while. It doesn’t take very long for students to become friends with the teachers at Baxter. “One of my favorite teachers is Mrs. Schabilion, because she can always find ways to cheer me up and gives great advice.” says Austin Roush, 12. The more time students spend having the same teachers, it makes it easier and easier for them to form friendships.

Recently, the newer teachers we have had are for non-core classes, like music and PE. “The most difficult teachers to look for are Spanish, music, and math.  Elementary and PE always have a lot of applicants,” says Mr. Luther. “It also varies what we look for in teachers, but a lot of the time we look for someone the students can relate to and have fun conversations with.” 

However, many of the teachers we have at Baxter have been here for many years. Mr. Vaughn has taught at Baxter for over 20 years. “Mr. Vaughn has definitely left an impact on me and other students over the years,” says Ally Padget, 12, “He has encouraged me to be curious and is always willing to see the good in situations.”  Some other teachers that have been at Baxter for a number of years are Mr. Brummel, Ms. Applegate-Brummel, and Mr. Ranck. These teachers and many others have been around the students here and know their learning capabilities as well as their strengths.