Falling For Fall

A glimpse of the fall season here at Baxter


Sammy Irwin

It’s that time of year again where everything pumpkin spice is stocked on store shelves, fluorescent stadium lights light up the football field on Friday nights, and the leaves start to crisp up and change color. The school year starts to settle in, the air begins to get cool and the oddly specific smell of fall begins to fill the air. The absolute best part is driving the daily route to school or work every day and seeing the neighborhood gradually rack out their fall decorations. Although many fall traditions have remained the same as time has progressed, every year the season brings new trends that become very popular on social media. For reference, last year many people on Tik Tok dressed up as ghosts and took pictures and videos to the song “Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber.

Last year the fall season saw many distinct fashion trends, such as layering shirts, baggy jeans, and claw hair clips. Not to mention, Starbucks released their first-ever “Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew,” (classic cold brew coffee topped with rich, frothy, pumpkin-flavored cold foam and a dash of pumpkin spice) last year which got everyone raving. Last year alone, Starbucks sold over 90 million pumpkin cream cold brews, outselling their famous “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” Fall comes with new trends every single year, but some traditions always remain the same. At the beginning of September, all of the pumpkin patches re-open for the season, the classic Halloween movies make their way to the “trending page” on Netflix, and those heavenly printed Pilsbury sugar cookies re-enter the refrigerator section at Walmart.

 As fall trends start to take over social media, they also start to become visible throughout the school. When asked what about fall sticks out the most to her, Maggie Shabillion, 12, says: “Definitely the leaves changing. They have always stuck out to me and are a big reason why fall is my favorite season. The different colors always get me excited for the sweater weather and Halloween!” In Baxter, the changing leaves are definitely a beautiful sight to see. The giant trees that canopy over main street always transform into the brightest hues of orange, red, and yellow. When asked the same question, Cael Shepley, 11, says: “The vibes of fall is what sticks out the most to me. Everyone is excited to be back in school and it is football season.” Another fall favorite in Baxter is a good Friday night football game. This year the Bolts went 7-1 and made it to the first round of the playoffs. Every Friday, the football players and cheerleaders wear their uniforms to school to help get excited for the big game later in the evening.

Brianna Winfield, 10, says: “I like to participate in dressing warm with sweaters and turtlenecks and I like to make chocolate chip pumpkin bars. This year I would like to go to the apple orchard and pick a pumpkin to carve.” Pumpkin-flavored treats and sweaters are a fall essential and Baxter students can confirm. From the months of September through March, sweaters are the main fashion article worn throughout the school and they are always styled in many different ways. Lots of people can agree that sweaters are easy to throw on and assure all-day comfort. Hudson Bethards, 9, says: “My family and I go to the apple orchard every year and have done that ever since we moved to Baxter.” All fall long, students here flood their social media feed with pictures from apple orchards and pumpkin patches. The vibrant, fall colors and the picture perfect props allow for the perfect photo opportunity. For some, pictures aren’t their thing, so they choose a trip around the corn maze or a bounce on the giant air pillow instead. One thing is for sure and that is there is something for everyone to enjoy during the fall season, and these are just some of the ways that Baxter students do it.