Classroom Chaos

Which Classroom Do Baxter Student’s Enjoy Spending The Most Time In?


Regan Russell

After the school renovation, teachers at Baxter were given beautiful, brand new classrooms to decorate and make their own. All of the teachers did an amazing job decorating and making their classrooms an enjoyable place for themselves and their students to spend time in. But many students still have a classroom they keep coming back to that is their favorite to be in. Whether it’s the teacher in the classroom, the decorations and vibes of the room or even the classes taken in that room every student has their own favorite classroom. 

Ashton Kerwin, 10, says that his favorite classroom to spend time in is Mr. Boleys. “Mr. Boley’s room is my favorite because he is pretty cool and is fun to play chess with.” Kerwin also says he likes the decorations and vibes of Mr. Boley’s room, “His walls full of posters and graduation cards is something I really enjoy.” Grant Andregg, 9, also enjoys spending time in Mr. Boley’s classroom. “The reason I like Mr. Boley’s room is because I come out laughing every day.” Andregg also thinks Mr. Boley does a great job creating a fun atmosphere for his students to work in, “Mr. Boley is very serious, but funny so you know it’s okay to work and still have fun at the same time.” 

Alania Stouffer’s, 11,  favorite classroom is Mr. Amadeos. “I love spending time in Mr. Amadeo’s class and I love how he welcomes all his students with a hi and a smile.” Stouffer also talked about the calm and comforting environment Mr. Amadeo’s room creates. “I love the flags and maps. He also always has a candle going so it smells so welcoming and warm.” 

Leah Shanks, 10,  really enjoys Mrs. Carter’s room. “I enjoy spending time in Mrs. Carter’s classroom, she makes the room very comforting and makes it so you can be who you want in there.” Shanks also loves the way Mrs. Carter has made her room a representation of all her students. “I enjoy the couch and we can all display our own art in the room.” Shanks also likes how Mrs. Carter is close with her students and that they can come to her with things. “Mrs. Carter makes every student feel comfortable by letting them be who they are. You can always go to her with whatever is on your mind and she will be there for you no matter what.” 

All of the teachers have clearly worked very hard on their classrooms and making them an enjoyable space for students to spend time in. They have also taken it a step further and have been great people for their students to come to when they need it. We are very lucky to have teachers who put passion into ensuring that their classrooms are comfortable spaces for their students.