Big Obsessions


Josslynn Travis, Author

Has anyone ever wondered what the “new obsessions” are? There are many different things that people enjoy doing. Some people have little, temporary obsessions, and some have huge, life-long obsessions. Whether it’s a new favorite song, a video game, or anything else of that sort, there are so many things that people are enjoying right now. 

The first person that was interviewed was Peyton Vanderheiden, 10. Vanderheiden’s biggest obsession is music. She loves music because she is able to relate to the music she listens to, so it is something that she is very passionate about. Vanderheiden’s sister, Emma Vanderheiden, influenced Peyton to enjoy music as much as she does today. Vanderheiden has liked music ever since the age of 9. At that age is when she was able to venture out and start listening to her own music. Vanderheiden believes that this will be a life-long obsession because she will be able to continue to grow with her taste in music, and there will always be new songs produced for her to listen to.

Cade Robinson, 9, was the second person that was interviewed. Robinson’s biggest obsession today is video games. “In the past, playing games was a lot of fun for me to play with my friends” Ever since then he has grown to like it more, and more, to this day.  Robinson states that Cael Shepley influenced him to play, and like, video games. Robinson has been amused by video games for about 5 years now. Robinson believes that this will not be a life-long obsession. He states, “Probably not because when I get older I’ll have to get a job and stuff which will take most of my time.” Robinson enjoys playing video games now, but he does not think that this will be a forever thing.

The third person that was able to be interviewed was Lilie Vansice, 12. Vansice is one of the seniors of baxter. Vancice says that her biggest obsession is her pigs. Vansice believes that the fact that her family owns a pig farm definitely has affected her love for her pigs. She also states, “My past of showing pigs had impacted my relationship with my pigs as well.” Like she stated, her family has influenced her to like pigs, but she also has grown to like them more over the years by being able to interact with them and grow her relationship with them over time. Vancise says, “I could never get tired of them because they are just so cute.” Vancise has been showing pigs for about five years now. Lilie agrees that this will be a life-long obsession she quotes, “I definitely see pigs on my farm one day when I get older.” 

Last but not least, Morgan Ratliff, 10. Ratliff’s biggest obsession is the t.v. show “Glee”. Ratliff quotes, “Morgan Hansen was over at my house one time in seventh grade and we were scrolling through netflix when we decided on glee. She had seen it before, but it was new to me. It was unlike any other show I had seen before. It was easily the weirdest thing I had ever watched but I couldn’t stop.” Ever since then she has been obsessed. She has been watching the show for about three years now, and still loves it to this day. When she was asked if she thinks this will be a life-long obsession, she replied, “God I hope not. I will probably outgrow it, but if not I wouldn’t be surprised.” Ratliff has a love-hate relationship with this show. She wants to hate it, but somehow she just can’t.

If anyone were ever wondering what the “new obsessions” are, there were a few. It is always fun knowing what other people are interested in these days. There are so many different things that people show interest in, but here were just a few!