The First Four Weeks of Freshmen Year


Abbie Meyer, Author

As the school year is starting again, many thoughts are swirling through people’s minds on how this school year will go for them. New school year means a fresh start to meet new people, try new things, and most importantly, make memories. Many of these thoughts would mainly be coming from the incoming freshmen. As many freshmen would say, there are multiple things that will change, and these included, how big of a responsibility it becomes to check JMC and make sure that the grades are the way they should be, building connections with the teachers, staying involved, and achieving goals for sports. 

Cady Spurgeon, 9, said that her favorite part of the first four weeks was knowing she had the ability of choosing the classes she is invested in and having much more freedom. Yet Spurgeon has many classes, her favorite class so far is Art because she likes to sew and be creative. She also really enjoys English because reading and writing is her strong suit. Along with all of those great things, there are always going to be harder challenges. Spurgeon said, “Adjusting to being around more people and new standards from teachers. I feel as if most of the teachers in high school expect more than we are used to. Honestly, to me that’s a good thing.” Spurgeon was worried when she first came into high school about all the challenges she would face, but after the first couple days she figured out that she could handle it and it wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would’ve been. 

Many of the freshmen were thinking the same thing on what is the most stressful thing with the new school year. Jaci McMinamen, 9, thought that the most stressful thing would be having to get into the routine with each class and understanding every teacher’s expectations. McMinamen said, “The most stressful part of the first four weeks was getting into a routine with each class and trying to find out what each teacher’s expectations were, that will be something that will last a while, but was definitely harder for the first few weeks.” She was very nervous about getting into the high school routine and living up to all of the expectations. McMinamen gave it time and started to grasp on to all of the expectations and is easily finding her niche. McMinamen said, “My favorite class is either English or World History because I like to learn about the things we learn in those classes. I am very interested in hearing about types of real or fake stories in the present or the past.” Now that McMinamen has become more comfortable with the teachers and classes, she has been able to choose her favorites.

The last person was Matt Richardson, 9, and he has many of the same perspectives on the first 4 weeks of being a freshman as McMinamen and Spurgeon did. He was very concerned about grades because these grades will matter a lot more than your grades in middle school ever did. Richardson so far has had many successes this year. “I would say my cross country season would be the best thing that has happened to me yet this school year. This is because I have been doing great placing 4 times out of 6 meets as a freshman. I never expected to place more than one meet in my freshman career, but I was shocked when I placed 4 times. My goal for the year was to place once, but I shattered that goal and hopefully will continue to do so.” Overall, he was very happy with how his season went and that was by far his favorite thing that has happened to him this year. Richardson also said that he is happy with how everything is going and has been feeling good about his grades. 

High school can be an important step in most peoples’ lives and they may remember everything that happened in high school. Many will end up enjoying high school and some will be ready to get out of high school by the first year. High school is breaking point in getting ready for the future and making the most out of your school memories.