Most Famous Tik Tok Drinks


Abby McReynolds, Author

A lot of people could guess that Starbucks sells thousands of drinks everyday. The Starbucks industry sells over 8 million drinks everyday around the world. To me that’s insane! 

Over quarantine I started following a girl named Anna Siter (@annaxsiter) on Tik Tok. As we all know Tik Tok grew over quarantine due to having to be home most of the time. I started to watch Anna because she always made Starbucks videos of new drinks almost everyday.  She started a trend to ask random questions to the workers. For example, “Can you make me a drink that’s your favorite color?” or “can you make me a drink to make you think of what my voice sounds like?” She always comes up with the most interesting questions to ask. After every drink, if she liked them, she would do the cutest little scream. While watching her videos more and more it made me want to try all of the drinks she decided to try! I decided to choose the top three most liked and viewed Starbucks drinks she posted. I went in chronological order. 

The first drink I tried was posted on February 21, 2021. For this drink she captioned it “a not pink drink pink drink”. She came up to the window and asked the worker, “Hi! Could you make me a drink that’s your favorite color?” As she said this she had the biggest smile on her face! The drink was a venti passion tango tea with vanilla sweet cream cold foam, 2 vanilla bean powder, no water, and sweet cream. This was probably my favorite drink out of the three. It was very sweet, which is my favorite. I give this drink a 8 out of 10. 

The second drink I tried was posted on March 18, 2021. In her caption she said “simply DIVINE! The perfect classic cold brew tastes a little sweet & spicy.” She drove up to the window with a smile on her face and asked the worker, “If you could only drink one drink from here forever, would you make me what that would be?” In the drink is, venti cold brew, 2 pumps of cinnamon sugar dolce, 2 pumps vanilla, and oat milk. I do like to drink some coffee, but cold brew is definitely not my favorite. I normally only like coffee if it’s very sweet and doesn’t have a bitter taste but this one is very bitter. I did not like this one at all, but if someone was a coffee drinker, this may be a good one to try. So I decided to give this drink a 1 out of 10. 

Now onto the third drink. This drink was tried by Anna on March 18, 2021. She captioned this video, “THIS DESERVES THE HYPE. Tastes like a milk tea with brown sugar boba flavor. Woah.” The ingredients in the drink are, Grande matcha green tea latte, with brown sugar syrup and vanilla sweet cream cold foam. I have never tried matcha before and once I tried this I am kind of interested in matcha. I probably wouldn’t get the brown sugar syrup but I may try it with something else in it. I give this drink a 6 out of 10.

Over all these drinks could’ve been good or bad. One thing I love to do when going to Starbucks is trying new drinks I find on Tik Tok or the internet. I recommend that people try one of these drinks in the future! Me just writing about these drinks makes me want to go back.