Babbling with Backus

A Letter from the Editor


Zach Backus, Editor

Hello and welcome to our brand new newspaper website! We have some very exciting and fun things planned for our newly created journalism website. Not only will this allow us the newspaper staff to publish articles that are more relevant and timely, but also allow us to post videos, pictures, sports scores and schedules, announcements, and much more. I am very excited to be in charge of all this and can’t wait to start publishing articles and more. In case you do not know me, or much about me, my name is Zach Backus. I just started my Senior year and I have attended Baxter K-12, yes including kindergarten twice. I have been on the yearbook and newspaper staff all four years of high school and have loved every minute of it, well expect that time Ms. A and McCade fed me a moldy donut, but that’s a story for a different time. In my free time you can most likely find me at the golf course, or working at Marble Slab Creamery in Ankeny. After high school I plan on attending the University of Dubuque to major in Flight Operations which will prepare and train me for my job as a commercial airline pilot.

To begin the school year I would like to offer a couple pieces of advice:

  1. Make a new friend. Sit with a new group at lunch, take the chair by someone you usually don’t sit by, talk to someone you’ve never talked to in the halls. You never know who could be your new best friend.
  2. Try something new. If you never try anything new then nothing will ever be memorable, creating the perfect recipe for a boring, forgettable year. Even if what you are trying turns out to be totally not for you, it will keep things interesting and make for a great story.
  3. Give everything your best. Wether it’s the sport you play, or the classes you are in, give everything you do your one hundred percent. If you give everything your best then you will never feel like you should have, or could have, done better. No one can ever be mad at you if you gave it your best.

I look forward to what the future holds for the Striker, and am excited to begin creating fun and new things to publish. If you are interested in writing, photography, fashion, sports, design, or anything of the sorts, please don’t be afraid to reach out to participate in the Striker. 

– Zach Backus