Modern Generation’s Baby Bust


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Beautiful woman lifts high her adorable baby up mid air and looks at her smiling. Happy parent spending time playing with daughter in park at sunset. Medium shot

Kinley Bethards, Writer

Newer generations have created change in ways that no Boomer, Millennial, etc. could have ever imagined. From societal changes to moral changes that spread from generation to generation and grow more efficient and liberating as time goes on. Everyone is aware of the generation of “Baby Boomers”, given their name due to the post-World War II baby boom from those born between 1946 to 1964. The opposite is projected to come in the future creating a “Baby Bust”. There are many components that contribute to this phenomena. The COVID-19 pandemic, lasting from 2019-present, plays a large part due to the economic decline and fear that it has instilled across the globe. A lack of income and mental stability are major effects that a majority of the world has experienced due to this pandemic. These are crucial reasons for a lack of desire to create more human beings to bring into the world in its current state. No one wants to increase their worry anymore than it is, therefore burdening a new child with parental instability. Another important factor in the upcoming “Baby Bust” is the quickly changing role of women in the world. In past generations, being a stay at home mom was the norm, and nothing more was expected. Women’s worth and validity was solely based on their ability to be a mother. As stated before, modern societal views and social norms are changing drastically compared to the “traditional” generations behind them. Women are now key components in the work force, unlike before. The self-image, self-respect, and sense of worth within women has increased a great deal. It is becoming more recognized and normalized for women to not want children. Older generations may still be around to cast their judgments on women that have chosen a life not based around motherhood, but there is proof that future generations will not look at gender norms in this manner. No matter a person’s views and choices on creating human beings, whether that be to not have any or to have a house full of children, their decisions should be respected. All human’s have the right to decide their path of life, and it is all future generation’s duty to respect and support the people around them.